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Product description

  • Energy-efficient switching regulator driver enables the flashlight to run cooler and longer.
  • 1.5A drive current remains constant through the operation of the flashlight. 
  • Authentic LG 365nm LED heat sinked to the flashlight housing allows for cooler operation.
  • Large head with ZWB2 UV filter glass pre-installed. 1.75" diameter filter opening
  • 18650 Extension Tube is standard on this flashlight. 
  • Optionally, can be adapted to be powered by two RCR123A batteries if you want to shorten the length of the light as well as it's runtime.
  • Flashlight safely shuts down when batteries are near depletion.
  • Emits the same radiance of UV regardless of which battery type is used! But you will see significantly longer runtime using 18650 cells vs RCR123A cells.
  • Basic 18650's rated at around 1200 mAh (actual capacity vs. labeled capacity)
  • Includes:
  • 1 C8 flashlight with extension tube and filter installed.
  • 4 18650 rechargeable lithium ion batteries (now with Tenergy protected 2600mAh Protected batteries)
  • 1 signed copy of the Mineral News
  • 1 small Yooperlite from Lake Superior
  • 1 Xtar smart charger, dual slot USB charger