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Manager Name Manager Email Manager Store Manager Department
Eric Lafollette Clare Archery
LeeAnne Comer Clare Gifts
LeeAnne Comer Clare Footwear
LeeAnne Comer Clare Athletics
Amy Benoit Gaylord Gifts
Bryan Darland Clare Store Manager
Mark Copeland Gaylord Store Manager
Katherine Huff Gaylord Clothing
Emily Bennett Clare Camping
Trista Rose Clare Clothing
Mike Horswell Clare Fishing
Blaine Bailer Clare Hunting
Jeania Canel Clare Firearms
Vicki Hoornstra Gaylord Footwear
Vicki Hoornstra Gaylord Athletics
Vicki Hoornstra Gaylord Camping
Michel Brooks Gaylord Archery Manager
Joe Cook Gaylord Fishing
Kenny Slavens Gaylord Hunting
Mark Epley Gaylord Firearms

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