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About Us

Photo of Jay Poet

Trust In The Tradition

Jay's Sporting Goods was started in 1971 by Jay and Arlene Poet and is Michigan's Original Outdoor Superstore. Starting from a one car garage we have grown into a 90,000 ft2 building in Clare and a 90,000 ft2 building in Gaylord, MI. With a focus on the outdoor industry Jay's can supply your needs in a multiple product categories such as Archery, Firearms, Fishing, Camping, and Clothing Apparel to equip you on your next adventure. With a family like atmosphere and a Faith based focus we are now in our 42nd year of business!

How It All Came to Be

Jay's original one car garage location Jay's Clare store front pre-remodeling Jay's Current store front
Clare 1971 Clare 1988 Clare 2007

Clare 1974 Gaylord 2000
Jay's 5th street location Jay's Gaylord Store Front


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