Turkey Trooper 2000 Deluxe


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Product description

-Unique volume/tone adjustment knob that allows the hunter to adjust volume higher and lower to compensate for the gobbler's ever changing distance
-Lowering the volume makes the gobbler believe that the sound is coming from behind the hunter`s position which pulls the gobbler through the hunter thus preventing the infamous "hang up" out of gun range
-The call can range from a loud volume, high pitched young jenny hen, to a softer volume raspy old boss hen, and all others in between
-Small clucker button which makes perfect mistake free clucks and purrs for calling in the gobbler those last critical 75 yards
-Patented camo covering (camo pattern may vary) which doubles as a rain coat
-When it starts raining, simply slide the cover over the top of the call and it is protected
-Includes a unique wrist lanyard/belt loop keeping the call only a hands length away allowing the hunter to hold up the gun at the same time
-Made of thick walnut slabs, this call can take the punishment of many years in the turkey woods
-As with most wooden turkey calls, this call requires oil free chalk