Covert 2 Dot - Pwr- Dot - Black - Psh

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Product description

Go pinless.  COVERT PRO maintains all of the advantages of a long3–range sliding sight, but with unique PWR•DOT Center•Dot LED technology. Tactile push3–button brightness controls simplify use in the field, and a gear3–drive elevation dial provides more control with smooth and precise adjustment. This year, the favorite COVERT PRO is now available with the new DOUBLE•DOT dual LED aperture. The red LED acts as a secondary pin when the green LED is set to 20 yards, or provides a point of aim for extreme distances beyond the range of the yardage tape.       PRODUCT FEATURES: -Ultra–smooth easy one–hand adjustments.   -Includes over 120 pre–marked yardage tapes to simplify setup.   -GRAVITY–LINE rotational adjustment aligns pin movement with gravity.   -Rear–facing, easy–to–see yardage tape location.   -Tactile push–button brightness control.   -Perfect for any light condition.   -Adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis.   -Quick and easy setup.   -Improved adjustable yardage pointer and end–of–travel elevation stop.   -Adjustable for left and right-handed users.   -Approximately 700–hour battery life.   -Automatically turns off after 4 hours without adjustment.   -Patented.