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Product description

The all-season drought and cold tolerant blend Southern Greens includes multiple drought and cold tolerant plant varieties that are palatable from early bow season to late gun season. Powered by collard greens and radishes, this mix should provide a constant food source all season from the south and up to the north. The big brassica leaves produce tonnage and provide high amounts of protein and calcium. Both are palatable early due to lower tannin levels unlike other brassicas. Once frost occurs, the brassica turns into a sweet, high energy, all season food source. The fast-growing winter wheat and oat varieties are palatable from the time they emerge, well into spring. The clover will power up the following spring along with the established winter wheat and oats to give your herd the protein needed for body mass growth and does carrying fawns. Wherever Southern Greens is planted, it will provide the energy source your herd needs to endure the physical demands of the rut, stress of the cold winter months, and nutrition for spring antler growth and healthy fawn births. You should see a constant flow of traffic in your food plots all season long with Southern Greens.  

  • Featuring cold tolerant, protein packed Collard Greens
  • Contains collard greens, radishes, winter wheat, and oats
  • Grows well in warm South to frigid North