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About Us

Photo of Jay Poet

Trust In The Tradition

Jay's Sporting Goodswas started in 1971 by Jay and Arlene Poet in 1971 and is Michigan's Original Outdoor Superstore. Starting from a one car garage we have grown into a 78,000 ft2 building in Clare and a 48,000 ft2 building in Gaylord, MI. With a focus on the outdoor industry Jay's can supply your needs in a multiple product categories such as Archery, Firearms, Fishing, Camping, and Clothing Apparel to equip you on your next adventure. With a family like atmosphere and a Faith based focus we are now in our 42nd year of business!

How It All Came to Be

Jay's original one car garage location Jay's Clare store front pre-remodeling Jay's Current store front
Clare 1971 Clare 1988 Clare 2007

Clare 1974 Gaylord 2000
Jay's 5th street location Jay's Gaylord Store Front


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